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We are an employment agency platform for health care professionals. We have built and maintain a Health Care staffing platform for associates in the health care business for the care of the elderly and mental health patients providing health staff workers including but not limited to Professional Health Associates, Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Personal Mental Health Therapists, Physiotherapists and Personal Support Workers directly to clients needing home-care , companionship, or staffing for retirement homes requiring contract staffing needs. We source our Associates from within Canada as well as bringing professional health care foreign workers on long term contracts.
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Our Specialization

We are a company that specializes in coordinating and matching client’s needs with services they require through a Professional Health Associate coordinator (PHA). The PHA is the client’s main contact who will assess the needs of the client and will be responsible to coordinate all services the client requires.
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What Services Do We Offer

Meta Health Associates (MHA) offers to match clients with the Services they need as well as assign the appropriate Associate who will contact the client and provide the services requested
Registered Nurse (RN)

The RN is the ranking professional health practitioner who is called in as required and reports to the client’s PHA

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
The RPN is the day-to-day health practitioner who may also substitute for the RN, and reports to the client through the PHA.
Personal Support Worker (PSW)
The PSW works in parallel to the RPN, and closely with the client, and reports to the client through the PHA.
Personal Mental Health Therapist (PMHT)

The (PMHT) assists the PSW and the RPM to care for the client around the clock, and reports to the client through the PHA.

Pharmacist (PHR)
The Pharmacist is on call to serve the client directly, or through their PHA.
Personal Health Associates (PHA)​.
The PHA is the client’s companion and project manager. The PHA is responsible for planning all health care needs as well as resolving any concerns the client may have. The PHA is the point of contact for the client’s family. The PHA is assisted by several in-house and external Associates.
Physiotherapist (PHY)
The PHY is called in by the client’s PHA when services are required, and reports to the client through the PHA
The Companion for elderly or mental health patients is a personal attendant who is with the client on a 24 hour basis. The Companion will stay at the client’s residence and rotate shifts with other Companions. The RN and PSW will arrive throughout the day as required.

What We Offer Our Corporate Clients

We are a Staffing Supply Agency who will supply your short- and long-term contract staff. Staff are sourced from within our Canadian Resident Associates or, under contract, we employ foreign health care professionals to meet your staffing requirements.

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) Associate

Registered Nurse (RN)​ Associate

Personal Mental Health Therapist (PMHT)

Our Team

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Denis Andrew Gittins

Chief Executive Officer CEO

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Ryan Millan

Marketing Head

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Elizabeth Beyhout

Chief Pharmacist Coordinator

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

The following summarizes what our clients are saying about our services, and how it has changed their lives, knowing their loved ones are cared for
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