Benefits For Businesses

Benefits For Businesses

A PHA is a one stop problem evaluator that saves business in multiple ways.  Many good long-time employees have emotional and family problems that could affect their performance at work, such as marital problems, divorces, death in the family, accidents in the family creating stresses that affect their personal lives and their work performance. These are times that persons could feel lost, they could go into alcohol or drug addiction, and they need an Associates to whom they can talk to counsel them or and their families and help them through these hard times to find a practical solution.

A Personal Health Associates is your hand to your employee, to help him at a time of loss or anxiety to become his best friend and become his health project manager and coordinator for the services he may require or the paperwork that is required.

    • Increase the health and wellness of employees making you aware of any potential problems before they arise and plan a plan of action before it is too late.
    • Have a written record from the Associates for every patient from physical visits or online visits or video conferences to help them overcome their personal problems and become more productive.
    • Help resolve problems and decrease unnecessary costs to employers and reduce short-term and long-term mental disability claims.
    • In case of mild mental health anxiety due to death in the families, divorces, accidents of family. members and Associates can play a significant role to help them cope with the short-term problems and get back online reducing lost time and productivity issues.
    • Add value to human resources departments and organizations that want to differentiate themselves from the competition.
    • Our Services could be an add-on for agents and consultants that may want to go above and beyond for their clients, recommending an Associates that may be able to help them on an arm length assistance.

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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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