Retirement Residence Paradigm

Retirement Residence

A Personal Health Associates flips the paradigm completely, providing ongoing personal oversight for only the Senior, and maintains the family informed with reports of every visit. The Personal Associates will be working to address small issues before they become big ones, we find the medical solutions, or any other solutions required and after obtaining family and patient approval help implement them to get you the community-based care you deserve.

While living in a retirement residence is ideal for some, studies have proven that some seniors suffer a decline in their health, and in some cases a reduced lifespan, especially if the relocation was against their will. We think there’s a simple reason, of institutional care: Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. A Personal Associates service makes the perfect complement to your retirement living experience.

portrait of asian disabled senior elderly male stand with walker enjoy stay home nursing care

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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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