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  • The Personal Health Associates is your personal Guardian Angel, companion, friend that you can rely on, asking anything you need either in personal visits, or online texts, or videophone conferences so that you will feel protected by somebody that really cares and is paid to be at your side either by you or by your family.
  • We help you minimize and decrease hospital admission and re-admission.
  • We help you expedite medical tests and services by project planning in advance your visits.
  • We help you decrease medication errors by helping you understand what the doctor told you on his visit, and help you plan to take your medicine, and if necessary, remind you with text messages to take which medicine during the day.
  • With your approval, we help you maintain your assigned family member informed vial text message, WhatsApp or email after every visit wherever in the world they may be, so that they feel that they are beside you, and connecting them in a video phone conference to talk with you.
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  • We help Increase patient engagement and empowerment by organizing their thoughts and explaining procedures so that they can tell medical professionals clearly what they want to know.
  • In the case that you don’t speak the language of your doctor, we assign a bilingual Associates that preferably is from your country of origin and same cultural heritage that will understand you and the doctor and translate for you.
  • Help prevent the client from acquiring a hospital infection (HAI) by managing these visits if coming from outside, or from inside Senior’s accommodation.
  • Decrease your hospital stay by expediting the complex discharge process and making sure you get home.
  • If you are not happy with the service you are getting at the Seniors home you are living, help you resolve any issues, or help you find another place and move you to a place you prefer.
  • Improve communication and minimize confusion. We talk the same language as your healthcare providers, we ask questions, take notes, allowing us to put ‘medical jargon’ into terms that you understand.
  • Have patience to listen when there are mental health problems and takes longer to understand.
  • Help the client explain to the family what your day is like, and what anxieties you have and what you want to talk with them but don’t know how to approach it.
  • Being your companion and support in times of anxiety and stress, before an appointment, or an exam, or when receiving bad news that you must convey to your family.
  • Help you talk and find an expert about any confidential questions you may not want to talk to any family member just yet, like financial planning, contracts, payments, inheritance questions or legal issues.
  • If you live alone in your house but the house chores are getting too heavy help you find contractors to help you look after the garden or fixing your broken appliance or purchasing a new sofa or TV or searching online for anything you need.
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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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