The Right Health


The Right Health Care Associates Support

With the right health care advocate support, you can have high quality care at home or at a retirement residence.

Seniors like to live at their homes but with age they need help with managing their space, this could be daunting from assistance in finding repairmen, gardeners or cleaning staff, managing their household expenses, ordering groceries or medicines. Our Personal Associates can assist Seniors living at home until the family or themselves decide to move to a Retirement home, and they may need assistance in finding and visiting the available retirement homes. However, without assistance when they move into a retirement Residence family and their parents may assume they will have access to unlimited health care support 24/7/365. But it simply doesn’t work that way. In most cases, a “practical” nurse will oversee the general well-being of many residents at a time, offering limited support to individuals. Their scope of practice is limited to patients who are stable, and circumstances that are predictable. The minute new challenges arise, the resident is sent to the hospital, or offered incredibly expensive private medical care.

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