Our Intake Process

Our Intake Process

Our patient intake process consists in 3 steps after initial consultation.

Patient care process

Patient Care ​intake Process

Our patient care starts with a free initial consultation and then three planning assessments.

  • An initial patient assessment with a senior coordinator.
  • A preliminary assessment with a Professional Associates Supervisor.
  • A Case Study and development of an action plan.
Associate employment opportunities

Employment opportunities​

Partner with us! It’s about time you take control of your working life. We have full time and part time consulting employment opportunities for all our associate advocate and medical services. We have work for any RN/RPN/PSW/APSW/Physio professionals, and we especially welcome all current or former volunteer advocates of any profession, age, ethnic or religious affiliation to work on a flex-time basis.

  • Contact us by E-mail or leave a voicemail message with your query.
  • We will respond with an application for your experience and location.
  • We will process the application, and contact you for further information.
Patien care service rates

Patient care service fees

Our service is booked and paid by hour, unless its a corporate account. The services start with a free 30 minute initial consultation, followed by three assessment meetings with senior staff at a senior rate. Thereafter rates will depend on the services contracted.

  • Initial assessment with a senior evaluator (1 Hr)
  • Online meeting with a senior project manager and service coordinator (2 Hrs)
  • Personal assessment meeting with a Senior Professional Associates (4 Hrs)


We provide Professional Health Associates as well as all your health staffing needs.

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