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We are your health care staffing and pharmacy solutions. We are a single point of contact for pharmacy and all staffing requests as well as foreign workers recruitment. We offer scalable solutions to seasonal, and crisis demands, Pre-book Leaves/backfill to give you peace of mind Our solutions result in savings to you as they are less expensive than overtime for your own staff, no payroll burdens and no headache for recruitment and hiring efforts necessary. We have or we will source for you PHA, RN, PRN, PSW’s , PMHT and Physiotherapists close to your location, and we can manage and deliver to your door all your pharmacy requirements at a click of a button. Through an affiliate partner we provide turn-key long term foreign worker recruitment and immigration application solutions.

MHA Associates And Associates Provides The Following Services Directly To Private Clients, Or Indirectly Through Corporate Clients

01. PHA

Professional Health Associates

02. RN

Registered Nurse


Registered Practical Nurse


Personal Support Worker


Personal Mental Health Therapist





Services Provided By A Personal Health Associates.

Personal Health Associates (PHA) is the assigned personal Project Manager (Health Assistant) and coordinator of a Client requirements. A PHA helps to manage and coordinate their clients day to day life, health and lifestyle as per directed by the Client first, and his family, including to coordinate and bring onboard other services required as specialized Nurses or personal support workers or physiotherapists.

Some of the services the Personal Health Associates (PHA) provides are the following.


To have a pharmacist on call at any time, who will deliver to your door, keep your pharmacy supply of medicines up to date.


Acting as your personal project health manager and coordinator to manage and resolve any issues you require.


Being physically present during times of need when no one else is able for appointments.


To advocate on your behalf for every service you deserve to have from other consultants or associates.


To be available online with the touch of a smart phone button for you and your family assigned member.


As personal mental health therapists (PMHT) to help parents with their special needs children home care therapy


Help you organize and participate with you planning special events as birthday cakes for your friends, cookie days, or game days.


Relaying periodic reports and concerns in writing with your approval, to your family via text or email.


To help you resolve a wide range of other medical or non-medical related support on any issues other issues.


To make visiting days special days to look forward to and organize, tea-times, or walks in the park exercises and other activities.


They personalize days according to what you want to do, this is a friend visiting you to talk about anything you want.


Read books with you and discuss them from one session to the next.


To Help you organize family visits cooking cakes and other fun things for your grandkids.


Organize excursions with your friends in a Seniors community to encouraged building trust and understanding.


We will always be available by a click on your phone to ask questions and request guidance to help lower your anxiety, and stress and worries.

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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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