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The founders of the company, Denis Andrew Gittins BSc. M.Sc. PMP, a scientist and tech entrepreneur and C. Clinton Ekechukwu LLB, LLM, a specialist in business and health care law, had a discussion regarding the reasons seniors and other patients fall through the cracks of Canadas and the UK government health care policy and strategies. Hence, they discover that most seniors do not have a dedicated family member to advocate for them. They are either left alone and or forgotten at a nursing home. Most are forced to depend on volunteer advocates for assistance. However, these volunteers, as a result of lack of knowledge and or relevant experience, cannot guarantee consistent quality assistance to the seniors.

Clearly, in 20th century advanced health care systems, what these seniors needed is a health project manager that will take the place of a family member. Indeed, the best qualified are those experienced volunteers and family members that are passionate about health care systems as it relates to seniors. After a series of interviews and research, the team came to the conclusion that remunerated health advocate services will provide the necessary commitment and consistency to the advantage of the seniors.

Meta Health Associates was created to do two things: to codify and remunerate Seniors’ Health Associates, and to standardise the services they provide. While, it is not a prerequisite for a Professional Health Associates (PHA) to have medical knowledge, they do however, need to be problem solvers, good listeners, attentive, organised and consistently have the interest of clients at heart.

Thus, the partners decided to create Meta Health Associates to give these volunteer advocates, and experienced family members with necessary care administrative knowledge and skills, the opportunity to become rewarding health advocates professionals. A Professional Health Associates (PHA) does not only solve the problems for a client with no dedicated family member, but services a link between the senior and his adult children that are living away in other cities or countries, and may be busy with family life and busy work schedules.

Therefore, the founders had the brilliant idea to create the Meta Health Associates Company to supply Professional Health Associates to private clients and to fill in the staffing needs in the health care sector.

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With a Personal Associates we provide a health project management service

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