Health Care


Health Care Oversight For Seniors Living At Home.

We at Metahus Senior Health and Lifestyle Associates specialize in personalized service based and including but not limited to health care.

Let a Personal Health and Lifestyle Associates companion to take the lead on your health and lifestyle care needs.

We take the stress out of dealing with your life, health, medical and community care challengers, and we make sure all of your problems are heard, and solutions from knowledgeable professionals is obtained for your benefit. We are there to find out for you for you, and report to your family if you so direct, and support and resolve for you a full range questions that you may have, as for example but not limited to help you understand and follow up health diagnostics, or resolve problems in your senior living accommodations, or in your house,  helping you with finances and to manage your expenses, find a different financial advisor, or negotiate on your behalf for services rendered, to organizing visits to the park or to surprise and visit you grandchild at a soccer match, or to drive you to visit a dear friend no longer in this world.

We offer specialized Personal Associates whose principal function is to be your companion that will look after tour health and manage and organize your living conditions bringing the services you need from its associates and to support and assist you on with all your needs regardless of what they are. Your Companion may not be a specialist in your question, but he will have a team, to find out the answer with solutions for you. This support could be within a senior community care home or at your own home if you wish to stay for as long as you wish. This help as an example could include for example to find a repairman for your heating, or a gardener to look after your gardening, or a roofer to change your roof, or a cleaner to empty your garage. Our goal is to be your Personal Health and Lifestyle Associates and assist you to prosper in your own space, either if you wish to stay at home as long as you wish, or to support you when you migrate to a retirement residence.

It’s our goal to be your trusted companion and help you solve some but not limited to the following challenges:

  • Have a trusted Companion at your side to call whenever/her for any reason you need him for any question or problem to solve, or just to talk have somebody to talk to, somebody that will listen, somebody to be a sound board to talk to anytime you need the company of a trusted friend.
  • Have a trusted companion on your side to help you from your side to understand the language of accountants, investment advisors, and doctors, and make the appointments for you for them come to see you or drive you to see them.
  • Be there to accompany you to medical appointments as your trusted companion to listen, ask questions, help you understand them, or call back to ensure you both understand the medical reports
  • To follow up to get the answers regarding test results, diagnosis, prognosis, and care requirements from other health professionals
  • To have a trusted companion to help you have continuity and communication among care providers that can reduce associated stress.
  • Help you with any health concerns whatsoever to reduce the visits to the Emergency Rooms and ensure you are happy and healthy.
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