Our Associates Can Assist In A Wide Range Of Issues

  • A PHA helps to manage and coordinate their clients day to day life, health and lifestyle as per direction by the Client first and their family, including to coordinate and to bring onboard other services required as specialized Nurses or personal support workers or physiotherapists and to help solve any problems they require answer including ensuring they are happy with their health and living accommodation, ensuring they attend their medical appointments, making sure they take their correct medicines every day at the proper time, and provide a true companion to the client that he can depend on, and to give the families the peace of mind they need to provide for their loved ones regardless of how far away they live.
  • Our Associates and specialized Associates can assist and help with a wide range of issues as they are not all medical professionals but are all problem solvers and they come from all walks of life, professions, countries, languages ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations with one common denominator, they all care and have a full life of experiences, have grown a family, may have grandkids and have helped their parents and grandparents through same health issues, or have had the experience of growing up with handicapped children or siblings, and they feel that they have learned and want to help others with same problem on a part time or full time position as Health and lifestyle Associates and other Associates.
  • Our Associates is the patients’ personal they companion and friend, the one they can trust, the family representative with the client providing personal, emotional, and practical support when they most need it either personally or on an online availability. This support reduces their stress and anxiety knowing they have a go-to person that will look after their needs whenever they need it.  Our Associates will maintain the designated family representative informed whenever in the world they are and will make sure their client will receive the care they require and after obtaining patients approval, will inform in writing to the assigned family member after every medical appointment in real time by message and be available on videophone for the family to call the client, including giving the family member the opportunity to talk directly with the medical professional on the appointment. Messages are stored and available for the assigned family member whenever they request it.

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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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