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Healthcare Navigation Support On Behalf Of Adult Children Of Seniors

The challenge of balancing work life and family with your parent’s needs can be all-consuming and extremely stressful, especially if you live far apart. Let us help become a bridge and solve some of these challenges and more by taking on a leadership role to address some of these problems through a trusted community

Let a Health and Lifestyle Associates take the lead on your parent’s health and lifestyle care, so you can be the dedicated family members you are instead of trying to be a healthcare professional or have to look after their living accommodation problems. Ensure that your parents have a trusted companion to talk to, who will take notes and share them with you for every visit.

To have a Personal Associates that will keep you informed of your parents needs and questions:

  • Ensure that your parents have a common person from their side to communicate with you what they need, even if they don’t want to waste your time.
  • Ensure that the care giving services contracted are performed, and that there will be somebody you trust that will report any problems with their living conditions.
  • Ensure that you have a trusted Personal Associates on your side that will report to you objectively about their security, safety, mobility issues, cognitive decline, medication and pain management
  • Ensure that your parents have personal companion to visit them and to be in contact with them 24/7/365 and feel secure that they are not alone.
  • Ensure that organizational challenges of private and publicly funded community support are provided.
  • Ensure that your parents follow their diet and any concerns around nutrition, meal planning and home management
  • Ensure that you are kept up to date anticipating future care needs including migration to Seniors retirement homes, or more advance age homes and have time for planning and palliative care


With a Personal Associates we provide a health project management service

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