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What Services Do
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Meta Health Associates (MHA) offers to match clients with the Services they need and the assigned Associate that will contact them and provide the services they request

MHA offers the services to private clients directly, or through contracts with Health Care agencies and retirement communities to their clients. We also offer through the recommendation and supervision of the clients Personal Health Associates the services of other external consultants such as pharmacist, dental services, legal services, accounting, financial planning services and funeral planning services.

nurse assisting senior


PHA-Professional Health Associates


RN-Registered Nurse


​RPN -Registered Practical Nurse


PSW-Personal Support Worker


PSA-Personal Support Assistant



Why People Trust Us

MHA has a growing network of Health Associates across Canada and partnerships in other countries around the world. We are available and will find the Associates in the downtown or the suburbs of major cities, in rural communities, farms or golfing communities. We just need to know where you live, and what type of service you require, then we will find and match you with an Associate in or near your community. Whenever you are we will get an Associates that can reach you.

Our Associates and Associates ensure total confidentiality with the client first, and with their permission through the designated contact family member. They ensure that no person is left behind or falls through the cracks of the health system or the government. Our MHA management online app is designed so that there is always a fallback co-assigned Associates in case the first choice is not available to take over and attend the client.

Our Associates will always be beside their client and will know when doctors recommend moving the patient to palliative intensive care and will make all the arrangements for this move, always informing and getting approval from the assigned family member. Our assigned Associates responsibility is to look after their patient personally, and to answer all messages within the hour via text or call video phone and they will always have a co-assignee to take the call.

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We provide a unique service as health project managers and service coordinators to the health care industry.
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