Education Mental Health Therapist

Education Mental Health Therapist

The stress and time required to provide care to our kids with mental health for parents can sometimes become a challenge if not overwhelming with parents requiring a break. MHA by providing an EMHT gives parents and family members a needed break by having us step in to help as a education therapist and nanny for your children.

Because this is something that can be quite stressful and time-consuming it’s important for that family main caregiver that most likely is the mother to maintain their own physical and mental health and have a respite, specially when special need services of school is not enough or they need it for weekends. MHA can assist when that person needs a break or when circumstances mean they just can’t be there for their children. Whether it is part time education a couple of days a week, or every day of the week a few hours, or   live-in or just to have somebody for an extended period for vacations and other parents commitments, MHA can design a plan with you so that your time apart can be spent with confidence and trust that your kids are in the best hands.

THE SERVICES could be required by parents with special needs kids that cannot go to school , or cannot go full time to school but the parent needs help to look after them and teach them and maintaining them occupied the days that they dont go to school. Or to have a EMHT specialized in certain special needs children.

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