Predictions and Trends in Healthcare Staffing in Canada!

Each year, new technologies and processes are introduced into the Canadian healthcare industry. This is why healthcare organisations need to remain competitive to retain their best employees.

And, in this blog post, we will discuss the future of healthcare staffing in Canada, including predictions and trends to watch.

Healthcare workers are in high demand

One of the biggest trends in healthcare staffing is that healthcare workers are in high demand. There’s a big ageing population, and with ageing comes chronic conditions that require ongoing care. Thus, healthcare workers will always be needed, especially those with specialised skills.

Moreover, long-term care and home care are going to be in demand. Therefore, healthcare staffing agencies have to be able to offer multiple healthcare workers with a variety of skills, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, personal support workers, and home health aides.

Diverse and inclusive environment

The importance of diversity and inclusion is also growing in healthcare staffing. Health care organizations in Canada are actively recruiting and retaining healthcare workers from diverse backgrounds to improve quality.

The multicultural population of Canada makes this trend especially important. Healthcare organisations will have a competitive edge if they can provide culturally competent care, and that will require a diverse workforce.

Staffing in healthcare using technology

Healthcare is going through a technological revolution, and staffing is no exception. Recruiting and hiring agencies in Canada are embracing technology, including online job boards, video interviews, and applicant tracking systems.

Further, technology is helping healthcare workers do their jobs better. Mobile apps and other digital tools can improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs, for example, by monitoring and communicating with providers.

Telehealth and remote work

It is likely that the trend toward remote work and telehealth will continue in the future, as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. Moreover, healthcare organisations are offering telehealth services, which allow patients to receive medical care from home.

The trend will have implications for healthcare staffing, as healthcare workers need to be trained in telehealth technology and able to provide high-quality care remotely. Also, healthcare workers, particularly administrators and support staff, may increasingly work remotely.

Employee mental health and wellness

Last but not least, employee wellness is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry. High levels of stress and burnout among healthcare workers can negatively impact employee retention and patient care.

Therefore, healthcare organizations invest in mental health services and wellness programs. The best healthcare workers will need access to these programs and services, which healthcare staffing agencies will provide.


There’s a bright future for healthcare staffing in Canada, but it’s also complicated and evolving. People who are able to adapt to these trends and stay ahead of the curve are the best in healthcare.

Healthcare staffing agencies in Canada need to keep an eye on things like diversity and inclusion, remote work and telehealth, employee wellness, and mental health. As this industry changes quickly, healthcare staffing agencies can help their clients by investing in the right technology and processes.

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